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The company was established in 2002 and is located in Muping District, Yantai City, with a modern international standard factory building of 20,000 square meters. There are 95 employees, including 6 technicians.


Performance of container bag:
Step 1: Security
Mainly refers to the strength of the container bag. In the design to consider the volume of packaging, the weight of the load and the number of packaging units, but also consider the distance of transportation and the number of handling times, what kind of transportation tools and transportation methods. In the GB/T10454-2000 national standard for container bags, it strictly stipulates the technical index requirements for the base cloth and sling of container bags, and makes it clear that all the structures of container bags are bottom hanging structures from the perspective of safety. The safety factor must be 1.6.
2. Custody
Should according to the user's use conditions, reasonable selection of materials, reasonable ratio. The anti-aging ability of plastic products in the sun exposure is a problem of concern, but also the problem often encountered in the actual use of container bags. Pay attention to the use of anti-violet agent and the selection of materials in the production process.
3. Usability
In the design of container bags, we should fully consider the specific ways and methods of customers using container bags, such as lifting, transportation mode, loading material performance, etc. In addition to consider whether the food packaging, to consider the package of food non-toxic, harmless.
4. Tightness
Different packing materials have different sealing requirements. Such as powder or toxic goods, afraid of contaminated goods are very strict on the sealing performance, easy to be damp or mildew materials also have special requirements for air tightness. Therefore, in the design of container bags, pay attention to the impact of substrate coating process and sewing process on the sealing.





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