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Container bag is also known as flexible container bag, ton bag, space bag, space bag, ton bag, etc., is a kind of container unit equipment, with a crane or forklift, you can achieve unit transportation


Container bag is also known as flexible container bag, ton bag, space bag, space bag, ton bag, etc., is a kind of container unit equipment, with a crane or forklift, you can achieve unit transportation, it is suitable for the shipment of bulk powder granular materials. Container bag is a kind of flexible transportation packaging container, space bag is widely used in food, grain, medicine, chemical, mineral products and other powdery, granular, block items transportation packaging, developed countries generally use container bags as transportation, storage packaging products. Generally polypropylene or polyethylene as the main raw material, after extrusion film, cutting, drawing, and then by weaving, cutting, sewing. This kind of space package is not only conducive to improving the efficiency of loading and unloading, especially suitable for the packaging of bulk powder and granular goods, conducive to promoting the normalization and serialization of bulk goods packaging, reducing transportation costs, but also has the advantages of convenient packaging, storage and low cost. Especially suitable for mechanized operation, it is an ideal choice for storage, packaging and transportation, and can be widely used in the road, railway and sea transportation of bulk materials such as cement, fertilizer, salt, sugar, chemical raw materials, ores and so on. Therefore, in recent years, all countries in the world have widely used container bags to transport powder goods. The appearance and use of the container bag is a qualitative revolution in the way of loading powder and particle goods.

The characteristics of container bags:
1. It has sufficient strength in structure, convenient operation for loading and unloading, suitable for mechanized loading and unloading, rather than manual operation. Operators use cranes or forklifts to move the cargo, improving efficiency.
2. The barrier of raw materials in container bags is good, and the structural tightness is also good. The moisture, debris and dust are not easy to mix, and the protection of products is good. And light, soft, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, moisture-proof, no leakage, suitable for packing powder, flake, granular solid products, easy to transport and storage.
3. No need to repackage, compared with other packaging, container bags generally do not need pallets, greatly saving the cost of packaging.
4. Container bags can be flat folded, bundled to the end user and folded after unloading, only occupies a small storage space, and ordinary 1 t cargo container bag weight is only 3.5 ~ 4.5 kg, so the use of container bags is more convenient and economical.
5. Container bags can generally be customized according to the special needs of end users, including the size of the bag body and loading and unloading port, the style of the sling, the specifications of the base cloth, whether the film should be coated, whether the inner bag should be etc. It can also be designed according to the characteristics of the product.



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