Container bag which good storage

1. Container bag which good storage: should be based on the customer's application conditions, effective use of materials, effective preparation.

2. Safety factor of container bag: mainly refers to the compressive strength of container bag. When designing the scheme, we should consider the packaging capacity, the load of cargo and the number of packaging modules, but also to consider the distance between the near and far and the number of transport frequency, and choose what kind of transport goods and transport methods.

3. Airtightness of container bag manufacturers: contradiction of packaging raw materials, contradiction of sealing requirements. For example, particles or harmful objects, objects afraid of environmental pollution are very strict on the sealing effect, and raw materials that are easily returned to damp or moldy also have extraordinary regulations on the sealing effect.

4. Container bag which good application: in the design of the scheme of container bag, we should fully think about the detailed ways and methods of customers to apply container bag manufacturers.

The key contents of container bags are small, granular or powdered objects, and the physical relative density and porosity level of the contents also have a significant difference in the harm to the overall result. According to the basis of characteristic judgment of container bag, we should try our best to use the goods close to the customers to load the car to do the experiment, and try our best to make the standard to meet the challenge of market economy system. Container bag manufacturers can do 5 times the safety performance of the container bag manufacturers, four hooks in 2 or 2 hooks in one must have rated load two and a half times the tensile characteristics, that is afraid of two sling vest broken, container bag overall will not have any proble


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