Special attention should be paid to the use of FIBC

Special attention should be paid to the use of FIBC in the whole process of handling and loading tonnage bales.
1. Do not stand under FIBC during the whole process of lifting tonnage bag.
2. Please hang the hook in the middle of the ton bag without oblique hanging. The suspension system is on one side or hanging on the packaging bag.
3. Do not rub, hook or collide with other items during the whole process of packing.
4. Do not reverse pull ton bag.
5. When the electric forklift operates FIBC, do not let the fork touch or Pierce the packing bag to avoid puncture.
6. In the production line transportation, please try to use pallets, avoid using many hooks to hang bags, and transport when shaking.
7. When handling, loading, unloading, and stacking, keep the packing bags upright.
8. Before each use, please carefully check whether there are tons of bags, and check whether the product marks and technical parameters meet the requirements. If product marks or products are found, the use of tonnage packs should be stopped immediately and the packaging manufacturer should be asked to inspect them.
9. During the whole process of using tonnage bale, please maintain whether the tonnage bale is damaged or not, including the damage caused by wavy air pollution, which may harm the performance of tonnage bale re-use. If it is suspected that it is not suitable for reuse, or all the indispensable signs have long been lost or cannot be identified, try to stop the ton bag and give it to the staff for inspection.


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