Container bag which is good?

At present, everyone's daily life can not be separated from packaging, the rapid development of social development trend, the transportation industry is increasingly developed, in the whole process of transportation, the intact storage of goods is a key concern of everyone, today I teach you in the loading and unloading handling project how to better maintain the container bag which is not destroyed.


1, in the loading, stacking and loading and unloading of goods must maintain a square container bag standing. When forced to store outdoors, square container bag manufacturers need to put them on storage shelves, and tightly cover square container bags with incomplete transparent shed cloth. Later, with incomplete transparent shed cloth or paper will be customized container bag manufacturer wrapped, placed in the shade.

2. Please hang the hanger in the middle of the rope or sling vest. Do not slant the drawstring or hang the square container bag on one or two sides.

3. In hoisting, it is not necessary to stand under the square container inflatable bag to prevent accidents.

4. When the electric forklift is used in the square container bag, please do not prick or touch the bag body with the fork to prevent puncturing the square inflatable bag.

5, in the production workshop transport, as far as possible to use the tray, to prevent the use of hanging square inflatable bag, while the transport side shaking.

6, do not pull the sling vest to both sides in the opposite direction. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, minerals, food and other small pieces of powder objects transportation and packaging, is a kind of soft transportation packaging materials, relatively developed in our country widely used square container bags as transportation, warehousing logistics packaging goods, it is suitable for the transportation of bulk commodity powder granular raw materials. Share from Fengxiang packaging.



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