Plastic packing bag manufacturer: packing bag damage processing technology

Plastic packing bag manufacturers, also known as cargo bags, is one of the common utensils in processing plants and companies. Plastic packing bag on the ductility regulation is very high, can not use sharp objects laser cutting, but in many cases, careless or operational error will cause plastic packing bag manufacturers cracking. In many cases, the cracks in plastic packing bags can be restored and subsequently re-applied. What is the process of its damage?

If the split is not big, you can use hand sewing. There are many ways to sew, such as the straight stitch. This type of stitching is used to piece together fabric with flat, thin seams. Starting from the back of the fabric, the needle Angle on the front face is straight, while the needle Angle on the back is slanted. The needle is passed from the bottom to the top, with the left and right ends aligned. A bow needle; The front corners are thin and short, and neatly arranged. It can be used in the decoration design and structure of the garment edge to strengthen the seam. This is followed by a mosquito hitch (this type is used for connecting electrical cables. When the cable is not long enough, it can be extended in this way. Wrap one wire into a loop, thread the other wire into the loop, hold firmly, and then tighten each other.) Fixed is good.
If the mouth is larger, manual maintenance is time-consuming and laborious, you can use equipment maintenance. This is relatively simple. Crack it onto the control panel of the electric sewing machine of the plastic assembly bag manufacturer and start automatic sewing immediately.
Plastic assembly bag is made of pp metal wire drawing raw materials, good sealing characteristics, packaging is not easy to expose fine particles. After adding high toughness, it can be improved by machines and equipment. The volume of plastic packing bags is very large, it is very easy to load a lot of raw materials, and then use machinery and equipment to transport them out, saving a lot of human capital, accelerate the delivery rate. Because of the effect of raw materials, goods moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-fouling, not only can maintain the raw materials in the whole process of transportation will not be corroded, and can be better stored.

After restoring the plastic packing bag manufacturer, the carrying capacity of the restored plastic packing bag is basically worse than that of the original detailed plastic packing bag manufacturer. In the case of an application, be careful not to overload.


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