The necessity of AC pressure test of container bags

plastic packing bags are for large cargo load, strong bearing capacity and compressive capacity, it is known to all, but also a consensus. Therefore, it is very important to detect thPlastic packing bag manufacturers large and medium-sized goods and large cargo cargo special type plastic packaging bags. Different from packaging bags, e reduction characteristics of plastic assembly bag. What is this dimension?
Plastic assembly bag manufacturers light weight, low cost, can be reused several times; Strong compressive strength and impact resistance, small tensile strength; Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, durable, can be used in natural environment; Good breathable property, easy to clean; Plastic packing bag lining film or coated with a layer of plastic, moisture-proof and waterproof characteristics are very good, but also improve the glossiness of the woven bag, adverse to the stacking of plastic packing bag. Woven bag has limited temperature resistance and poor UV resistance. It is easy to reduce compressive strength in outdoor applications.
Plastic packing bag manufacturers have shock absorption, heat insulation, excellent heat sealing, no odor, impact resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent light transmission.
Plastic packing bag manufacturers as large and medium-sized packaging bags, the current sales market is very perfect. From the foreign market, plastic collection bag requirements have been diversified. Only from the requirements of the Chinese sales market, from the load can be divided into size, from the quality can be divided into high, medium and low, from the production and processing can be divided into bags and subfilm. Plastic packing bag coating outer coating and inner coating can be. What are the benefits of the inner coating?
1, the inner coating of the container bag to improve the overall net weight, strictly speaking, it improves the weight of the plastic bag itself, that is to say, it improves its own compressive strength capacity and bearing capacity, not very easy to destroy.
2. Plastic packing bag manufacturers are divided into inner coating and outer coating. If it is the plastic assembly bag of inner coating, moisture-proof and waterproof is stronger, and the probability of water seepage is smaller.
3. Nowadays, transportation and logistics are convenient, and long-distance freight is becoming more and more convenient and popular. However, the application of simple plastic packing bag can not meet the requirements, so the application of coating plastic packing bag to make its wear resistance becomes a requirement.


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